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52nd Republic Anniversary Message by His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine

Guyanese, today we celebrate our statehood. We acknowledge our right to fully determine our future. We are a proud people who overcome adversities. 

The attainment of Republic status was the realization of our desire to chart our own destiny by refashioning the social and economic relations of our country. We must be proud of our achievements, to improve the lives of citizens. We must honour those that have consistently given service to our nation and we must reflect on the mistakes of the past, to never repeat them.

As we celebrate in our diversity we join together in a multi-cultural society and promote the concept of unity in diversity. Our rich cultural diversity transcends all regions, hinterland and coastland, rivers and plains.   

The oil and gas economy brings renewed purpose and the prospect for all Guyanese to be beneficiaries of transformational economic change. We must be united as one people if we are to push our country further and into prosperity. 

All Guyanese must be involved in all sectors as we hold true to our commitment towards national unity. 

Let us work together, collaborate and innovate to ensure that our country is safe, our children are happy and our economy remains prosperous. Let us be proud of our legacy of strengthening the bonds of the people.

I extend greetings and best wishes to all Guyanese as we celebrate our 52nd Republic Anniversary. 

Happy Mashramani!