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Mayor Narine and Prime Minister to collaborate on Camp Street Avenue 

City Hall, Georgetown | His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine indicated that he welcomes the offer by Prime Minister Brig (r’td) Mark Phillips to have a joint venture on Camp Street from Middle to Lamaha. 

His Worship praised the Prime Minister and stated that this was the relationship that he has advocated for with all Governments. 

The Mayor today updated the Prime Minister on some of the challenges that the Municipality faces with resources. He stated that Government and the Municipality can work together for the benefit of the citizens of Georgetown.

Under the APNUAFC administration, the Government and the City Council collaborated significantly which saw the cleaning of drains and repairs to roads being done in all constituencies of Georgetown. These works coupled with an annual subvention of over 300 million dollars directly impacted the citizens. The Council was able to purchase garbage trucks to assist in garbage collection and other heavy equipment to serve citizens resulting in a cleaner Georgetown. 

The current PPP administration unfortunately has reduced the annual subvention to 30 million dollars which has strangled the Municipality. Additionally, the Local Government Commission continues to move slothfully and stymie the work of the Council.  

Mayor Narine stated that he hoped this demonstration will help to thaw the ice that exists between the Government and the Municipality and promote greater collaboration to truly realize “One Guyana” regardless of political affiliation, race or gender.