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Our Core Values

The Mayor & Councillors of the City of Georgetown (M&CC for short) is a corporate body whos duties and responsibilities are mandated by the Laws of Guyana (Chapter 28.01).

The City Council is the main body responsible for the local government functions of the capital city of Guyana and consequently, there is an elaborate system of checks and balances between the political & executive arms of the M&CC.


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To provide and administer efficient economical and effective services which provide the health, security and well-being of the citizens in recognition of UN standards and promote growth and development in the municipality. To mobilize and convert financial and other resources in pursuit of those objectives in a transparent, ethical and accountable system which is innovative, responsive and harnesses the commitment of the citizenry.


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Our vision of Georgetown is a clean, peaceful and healthy Garden City that is well zoned, where heritage site and monuments are maintained an enhanced and where the cultural diversity is preserved and expressed, through collaborative efforts of the citizenry, under efficient, dynamic and focused management and leadership with a qualified and motivated workforce to foster an environment conducive to business and the promotion of healthy lifestyle.

Strategic Goals

Strategic goals of the entire municipality have been derived from the above vision and mission statements adopted by the M & CC. In order to provide a clean, peaceful and healthy garden city to the citizens, it is imperative to provide efficient and economical services to the citizens so that they are not burdened by additional taxes and the financial, human and material resources of M & CC are utilized in the best possible manner. Every dollar spent should stretch itself to maximize benefits to the citizens. Following the global trend of technology utilization, the M & CC has also identified IT as a key enabler for fulfillment of its vision.  The strategic goals of the council which directly or indirectly contribute towards the attainment of its vision may be encapsulated in the following goals:

  • Build efficient & economical operational platforms to deliver best in class services to the citizens.
  • Establish transparency of information and procedural correctness which is amongst the best in the world.
  • Transform the Municipality operations into a unit that is socially sensitive, economically efficient and financially independent.
  • Present the Municipality as a modern model outfit with practices like e-Governance, citizen participation and data & information based decision making.
  • Bring the local government closer to the citizens by making it easier for the citizens to participate in governmental activities.
  • Use technology as a key enabler for its management practices to minimize costs and maximize revenues.