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Sherlock Lovell

Georgetown’s Markets

There are six markets in under the jurisdiction of M&CC in the city of Georgetown. These are:

  1. Stabroek Market
  2. Albouystown Market
  3. Bourda Market
  4. Kitty Market
  5. East Ruimveldt Market
  6. Merrimans Mall

Markets timing are 7 AM to 5 PM, 6 days a week and on Sundays markets are closed for cleaning.

The Clerk of Market’s office is entrusted with the primary responsibilities of administering the markets. The responsibilities of this office include:

  • Stall Allocation
  • Rent Collection from stall owners
  • Rent collection from casual vendors
  • Landing Fee collection
  • Market inspections to ensure no encumbrances are put up
  • Security
  • Guiding City Engineering for new markets design and layout.

Stall Allocation:

Each market is divided into different section such as Section 1, Section 2. A register is maintained with the information on stall holders, rates, receipt no. etc.

Revenue Collection:

Following are the categories of Rates & Fee collected:

  • Fixed Rents – Fixed Rents are from stalls with a tenancy for fixed tenure. This is collected on monthly basis in the first week of each month
  • Transfer Fee – This is the fee collected from stall owners in case of transfer of ownership of tenancy of the stall. Stall owners need to send information to the market clerk for this transaction to be completed.
  • Landing Fees – Landing fees is charged from farmers and wholesalers to offload their goods at different markets. This is charged as per the size of the vehicle and not on the quantity of goods. Majority of the landing fees is collected at Bourda Market. Landing fees is a onetime fee and is charged every time a truck offloads at the market. After 6 AM trucks are not supposed to enter the market i.e. max work for the revenue collector is at this time of the day. Information collected at the time of collection of this fee is truck number, type or size of truck, time of collection.
  • Casual Rents – This rent is collected from the casual daily vendors. This rent is different for designated areas, i.e. prime vending locations may have to pay a higher rent than others.

Collection mode is Cash or Managers Cheques.


Payment Fee

This is actually a Late Fee and is calculated like interest payment at the rate of 16.66% annual simple interest.

Cleansing Fee

This fee is charged from the casual stall owners after they remove their stall. (e.g. during Christmas festival)


These are the rents outstanding.

Removal Fee

Removal fee is charged to remove the encroachments. Goods are also confiscated if found to be blocking space.

Casual Fish Stalls

These are seasonal stalls which are put up on casual basis for vending fish.

Miscellaneous Fee

Miscellaneous Fees are for certification of stall tenancy and for putting up meters.

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