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Rates & Taxes

Understanding your Rates and Taxes


The Treasurer’s Tax section is responsible for collecting property rates & tax for the Georgetown municipality. Georgetown municipality is spread & divided across 60 wards and property records are maintained per ward. The amount due for Rates/Taxes is calculated based on a percentage of the assessed value.

The percentage rate depends on the classification of the property. Properties are categorised as follows:

  • Commercial property – 275% of the assessed value
  • Residential property – 44% of the assessed value
  • Institutional property – 25% of the assessed value
  • Land Only – 444% of the assessed value

Each property owner has to pay tax as per the assigned categorization. The valuation of property for the purpose of rate calculation comes from the Ministry of Finance, Evaluation Division. The assessed value of the property can change with the modifications in the property type but the rate of tax does not change very often.

Requirement for Exemption of General Rates

If you are a church or charitable organisation, you may be exempt from paying rates & taxes. To confirm exemption, please follow the steps below:

  1. A written application addressed to the Town Clerk
  2. Certified copy of Transport, Lease or Trust Deed
  3. Updated original Valuation for Rating Purposes obtained from the Valuation Office, Camp Street bearing the Chief Valuation Officer’s signature

Paying your Rates and Taxes

Demand Note

A demand notice, as mandated by Chapter 28 as per the Laws of Guyana, is sent to all the property owners at the beginning of the year and thereafter every quarter as per an agreed schedule. This is either posted or hand delivered by the department and reminds each home owner of what they need to pay.

Payments for the property rates can be made by cheque or cash directly at City Hall.

Did you know…

M&CC have waived interest for Rates and Taxes in 2020 & 2021 to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on citizens.
Click the link below to check your balance.
Payment can be made using MMG, cash or cheque.

Don’t Wait in Line… Pay Online

If you are a customer of GTT’s Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) then you can now use mmg+ to pay your Rates & Taxes from anywhere in the world. If you are already registered for MMG, then you can use the MMG+ app to pay M&CC as follows:

Pay Online with MMG

Instructions on How to Pay:

  • Go to “Pay Bills”
  • Select “Government Services” under Biller Categories
  • Select “Mayor & City Council (M&CC)”
  • Choose “Pay”
    • Enter the information requested:
    • Property Number/Account Number
    • Amount
    • Recipient Mobile Number

If you do not have an MMG account, you can also pay at one of the many agents.

Payment Schedule & Due Dates:

The property tax can be paid in either of the following modes:

  • Annually – one yearly payment
  • Quarterly – 4 installments in the year (due: 1st Feb, 1st Apr, 1st Jul & 1st Oct)
  • Pre-payment or advance

Property Database

The property database is available as hard copy with the department which is referenced based on the Ward and assessment number. Certain properties are exempted from tax payment like Churches, Government schools and Public Hospital.

Discounts, Waivers & Delinquency:

Discounts and waivers are also possible on the taxes. In these cases, the property owner would approach the Town Clerk along with a request and justification for a discount or a waiver on the tax to be paid. Discount is only given on the interest payable in cases where interest amount becomes equal to the principal and the property owner is able to justify his inability to pay the interest. Waivers are given by the council after a ministerial approval. Waivers can be given on base rate as well through this process. In case the property owner does not make the payment within the stipulated time, M & CC issues a delinquency letter in the name of the owner.