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Please check for answer to your questions here, or make use of our interactive chat below.

General Enquiries

What are the hours of operation?

Test Answer

How can I contact M&CC?


When is rubbish collected in my area?


I would like a market stall – what is the process?


How can I get a permit to build a house?


How can I make a donation to City Hall?


Rates & Taxes

Who has to pay rates and taxes?


How can I find out how much I owe in rates/taxes?


What methods of payment are acceptable?


What are the tax rates?

Solid Waste

Which department is responsible for sewage?


What are the requirements to transfer the tenancy of a stall from one person to another?

What is the cost to transfer a stall at the market?

What are the operating hours of the markets?

How do one acquire a stall at the markets?

What are the requirements to carry out repairs to my stalls?

How is my stall rents calculated?

When do I have to pay my stall rent?

What happens if I don’t pay my rent on time?

Is interest charged for late payment of rent?

How long does it take for my stall to be repossessed by the Council for non-payment of rent?