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Please check for answer to your questions here, or make use of our interactive chat below.

General Enquiries

What are the hours of operation?

The office is open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday

How can I contact M&CC?

You can call us on 2252218 or come down to City Hall between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time of the day using our contact form (link below) – we will respond within 72 hours.

Contact Form

How can I get a permit to build a house?

For information on the process for building applications, please click on the link below

Building Applications

Who is my Councillor?

Each constituency of Georgetown is represented by a councillor. The list of councillors and constituencies can be found here.

M&CC Councillors

Who has to pay rates and taxes?

Anyone who owns a property – residential or business – must pay Rates and Taxes to M&CC if that property is within the boundaries of the Council’s jurisdiction.

How can I find out how much I owe in rates/taxes?

You can contact the M&CC Treasury Department or click on the link below to access our self-service tool to check your balance.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

Payments to M&CC can be made in cash, cheque or using GTT’s Mobile Money Guyana. For information on how you can make payments, go to the link below:

What are the tax rates?

The percentage rate depends on the classification of the property. Properties are categorised as follows:

  • Commercial property – 275% of the assessed value
  • Residential property – 44% of the assessed value
  • Institutional property – 25% of the assessed value
  • Land Only – 444% of the assessed value
Which department is responsible for garbage collection?

The Solid Waste department is responsible for garbage removal for household, commercial and parapet collections from Cummings Lodge to Agricola. Find out more here

When is rubbish collected in my area?

There is a schedule available to check – you can find it here

Who can I report a build up of garbage to?

If you see garbage that has not been collected please contact us on 2235316. The office is open from 8am to 4.30pm (Mon – Thurs), and 8am to 3.30pm.

How can I rent the Promenade Gardens for an event

If you would like to hire all or part of the Gardens then please complete the form here and send to the Town Clerk’s office. The Gardens and/or the Bandstand can also be used for videos and photoshoots for a small fee.

What is the process to bury a loved one

You can find information on the process here:



What are the requirements to transfer the tenancy of a stall from one person to another?
  1. A sworn affidavit of transfer from a Justice of Peace sword Commissioner of Oath / Lawyer.
    • ID or Passport and a copy of either document
  2. If the tenant is unable to represent him/herself a of Power of Attorney is required. An original and copy of the Power of attorney document is required to be presented.
    • A sworn affidavit of transfer, ID or Passport and a Copy of either document
  3. If the tenant has died the following must be provided:
    • A Probated Will and Testimony from the High Court and a copy of the document.
    • A Death Certificate and a copy
    • Affidavit of transfer
    • ID or Passport and a copy of either document of the person that the tenancy of the stall is willed to.
What is the cost to transfer a stall at the market?

Transfer fee is charged by the Council for the transferring of tenancy in addition to a processing fee of $5000.

What are the operating hours of the markets?

Stabroek – 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday

The Annexes of Stabroek

Bazaar, Stelling View, Vendors Arcade and New Vendors Mall – 7am to 7pm

Albouystown Market – 7am to 4pm

Bourda Market – 7am to 5pm*

*Bourda Market is 24h but this has ceased in line with the COVID-19 directives. 

The Annexes of Bourda Market

Bourda Green and Merriman’s Mall – 7am to 7pm

Kitty Market – 7am to 4pm

East Ruimveldt Market – 7am to 7pm


The third Wednesday of every Month with the exception of December the Market is closed half day (in some cases for the entire day) this is to facilitate sanitization of the Markets.

How do I acquire a stall at the markets?

For persons desirous to Let/Rent a stall at any of the Municipal Markets can do so by way of an application to the Clerk of Markets.

What are the requirements to carry out repairs to my stalls?

An application prepared by the registered tenant must be brought into the Clerk of Markets Office stating in details the intended repairs works to be done on the stall(s). The application is then forwarded to the City Engineer’s department for technical advice and approval. Once the application is approved permission will be granted from the Office of the Clerk of Markets.

There is a processing fee attached for processing the application. $3000

How is my stall rent calculated?

The rent calculation is based on the square footage of the stall being requested.

When do I have to pay my stall rent?

Rent for a stall is due in advance, before the beginning of the month

Is interest charged for late payment of rent?

Yes, interest is charged at 1/6th of the monthly rental. However, as of march 2020 no interest is being charged due to covid relief measures implemented by the council.

Can I Change what business I operate?

If for any reason tenant is seeking to change or do additional business they must apply to do so to the Clerk of Markets. In some cases, this may involved the technical advice from the City Engineer and Public Health Departments.