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City Constabulary

Virjanan Gafur

Chief Constable (ag)

The primary responsibility of the City Constabulary is to maintain law and order within the jurisdiction of the Georgetown Municipality their responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the City Government by Laws, Municipal and district Councils act Chapter 28:01
  • Enforcement of offences in keeping with the Summary jurisdiction offences act Chap. 8:02 section 153 i.e. minor offences chiefly in town
  • Respond to reports made by members of the public relative to the committal of offences
  • Provision of escort service to Municipal departments
  • Provision of support services to City Engineer and Public Health departments relating to the prosecution of matters
  • Provision of security detail to ensure safety of employees engaged in dismantling and other exercises
  • Security of Council installations

MISSION STATEMENT: We the members of the Georgetown City Constabulary pledge to uphold the following principles:

  • Serve all the Citizens within the boundaries of Georgetown.
  • Be impartial and exercise compassion in the execution of duties.
  • Enforce  all By-Laws and other laws Within the City limits.
  • Be committed to the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of life and property.
  • Stand united for high morals, principles and justice and to conduct their actions in conformity therewith.
  • To abide with any other duties that may fall within its portfolio from time to time.


The City Constabulary established in 1837 derives its authority from the Municipal and District Councils Act. Chapter 28:01 Section 137 (1) of this act stipulates that every member of a Town Constabulary has in relation to any offense committed against this act or By-Laws made by the Council in whose service he is for the time being. Any offense committed in any place vested in, or under the control of, the Council or in any public place in council area.

All the powers and is entitled to all the privileges and immunities conferred on a police constable by any law for the time being in force.

Additionally the summary Jurisdiction Offenses Act Chapter 8:02 Section 4 makes provision for members of the City Constabulary to enforce the law in keeping with said act. The Department therefore arrest and prosecute individuals before a court of law for violations that are either deemed to be misdemeanors or indictable offences.


The City Constabulary is administered by a Chief Constable whose rank is that of an Assistant Commissioner. The Chief Constable is responsible for the control and direction of the City Constabulary Department taking cognizance of Council’s polices and existing statutes.
The office of the Chief Constable is located at the City Constabulary Headquarters lot 121 Regent Street and Avenue of the Republic Georgetown

The Chief is assisted in his functions by a management team comprising of a Deputy Chief Constable, whose rank is a senior Superintendent, and a superintendent who heads the administrative office.

The department to allow for administrative and operational control is comprised of several sections each headed by an Officer or Non Commissioned Officer with specific responsibility regarding their area of responsibility.

There are five (5) Sub Stations which falls under operations. These stations are:

  • Regent Street Outpost
  • Stabroek Outpost.
  • Bourda Outpost.
  • Ruimveldt Outpost
  • Albouystown Outpost

Boundaries of Georgetown

The areas City Police Officers are required to patrol in keeping with their mandate falls within a fifteen (15) miles radius. The patrol area is bounded on the North by the Atlantic Ocean, on the West by the Demerara River, on the East by the Eastern side of Plantation Cummings Lodge, Houston and Rome, and on the South by the Southern boundary of plantation Rome.

Want to work for the Constabulary?


The City Constabulary currently has vacancies for a number of ranks as a result of its deficiency. Applications are usually handled by the “Commandant City Constabulary Training Complex”.

Selected candidates before recruitment would be required to write a written examination after which they would be subjected to:

  1. An interview
  2. Medical examination
  3. Background Check
  4. Physical evaluation
  5. Final interview

On recruitment potential officers would undergo training for a period of three (3) months. Training would be conducted by the department training staff with external resource personnel drafted in at identified periods of the program to ensure the delivery of specialized subjects crucial to the syllabus.


Applicants must be between the ages of 18- 35 years and have a sound Secondary School Education with passes at C.S.E.C examinations being an asset. The applicant should be fit and must be able to meet the basic physical requirements that is be able to:

  • Complete a six mile run in 30 minutes
  • Complete 50 sit ups in 20 minutes
  • Complete 50 Push ups

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