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Public Health

Dr. Suzette Reynolds-Marcus

The Public Health Department is mandated to maintain sanitary conditions and hygiene in the city covering all aspects like hygiene and health of food establishments and households their responsibilities include:

  • Inspection and enforcement of household cleanliness and hygiene
  • Certification of Food Handlers
  • Inspection and certification of Food Establishments
  • Inspection and certification of animal meat products for human consumption
  • Vector & Rodent Control
  • Health education to the citizens
  • To provide maternal & child care
  • To provide and run Day Care Centers
  • Distribution of medicines through its pharmacies & health centers
Inspection for the registration Hotels and Apartment building Mon - Fri9am - 3pm
Inspection for the registration Salons and Barbershops Mon - Fri9am - 3pm
The inspection for sanitation certificates hardware stores and lumber yard Mon - Fri9am - 3pm
Examination Barber’s and hairdressers Tues & Thurs8am - 10am
Witnessing of CremationsCrematoriumSat & Sun8.30am - 5.30pm
Larvaciding (spraying for mosquito)VariousMon - Fri8.30am - 2pm
Inspection for RegistrationDay CareMon - Fri9am - 2.30pm
Address of ComplaintsAllMon - Fri9am - 3pm

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