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City Treasury

John Douglas

The City Treasurer’s Department is headed by a Local Government Officer styled “City Treasurer” and is one of the 5 statutory officers of the Council. Treasury is charged with the general responsibility of ensuring that all matters of Council having financial bearing are dealt with according to accepted financial regulations. More specifically, the department is responsible for the receipt and payment of all “revenue/moneys” to and from the Council and the maintenance of proper accounting records.

The responsibilities of the City Treasurer’s department include:

  • Rates & Tax collection
  • Fee collection for different Mayor & City Council services to various sections of citizenry
  • Budget preparation and control for Mayor & City Council
  • Expenditure Management
  • Payments to various vendors and suppliers
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounting
  • Implementing accounting practices in compliance with the GAAP & Ministry of Local Government’s directives
  • Cash Flow management

Did you know…

M&CC have waived interest for Rates and Taxes in 2020 & 2021 to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on citizens.
Click the link below to check your balance.
Payment can be made using MMG, cash or cheque.

Functions and Responsibilities

The function and responsibilities of the Treasurer are statutorily prescribed in the Municipal and District Council’s Act Chapter 28:01 with particular reference to Part 11 of the sixth schedule which documents that the Treasurer shall give financial evidence where appropriate as may be required on behalf of the Council, carry out financial negotiations on behalf of the Council and assist in any other negotiation where financial aspects are involved. There are about twenty five such responsibilities of the Treasurer as such he has a support staff spanning several sections:

  1. Admin – This deals with the welfare of the staff.
  2. Accounts – This section is divided into two sub-sections, operations (payroll and payments) and final accounts (bank reconciliations etc.)
  3. Budget – Preparation, allocation and analysis of Council’s budget
  4. Procurement and Stores – Responsible procuring goods and services as well as the storage and issuing of these goods and services. 
  5. Rates and Revenue Collection – Has three (3) units, the rates, rates recovery and revenue investigation.


The Council is mandate by law to collect Rates in accordance with Part VI of Chapter 28:01 in particular sections 201 and 202, where the Council has the authority to levy general rates. The rating area comprises the boundaries of Agricola to Cummings lodge. There is approximately thirty three (33,000) properties register on the Council’s role.

Rates remain the largest portion of the revenue pie with an average of 81%. However, the total collection of revenue is about 71% as against the approved budget.

Last valuation assessment for property rates was done in 1997.


While the responsibility of collection of all monies falls under the ambit of the Treasurer, collection of revenue is also done by the Public Health and Markets Departments.

Areas of Revenue

  1. General Rates (property taxes)
  2. Markets Fees
  3. Building inspection and processing Fees
  4. Food Handlers, Abattoir, Daycare Fees etc.

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