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Solid Waste

Walter Narine

The municipal solid waste management department currently provides various services within the city which ensures that the citizens can dwell in a clean, healthy, and conducive environment. The department is headed by the director Mr. Walter Narine, who manages the daily activities of waste management within the city.

Any complaint or inquiry relating to solid waste within the city please contact us on 223-5316. The office is opened from 8am – hrs -16:30 hrs from Monday -Thursdays and 8:00hrs- 15:30hrs on Friday.

The Solid Waste Management department is responsible for:

  • Garbage removal for household, commercial and parapet collections from Cummings Lodge to Agricola.
  • Collecting, storing and removal of waste from our Municipal Markets, Day care centers, Abattoir and other Municipal and public buildings.
  • Provision of street cleaning services throughout the commercial districts.
  • Daily management of illegal dumpsites in Georgetown (hot spots). consulting with residents, community groups, NGO’s, housing associations and traders’ associations about waste management issues, identifying their requirements and providing appropriate solutions
  • Be the custodian of all statutory records required to be maintained by the Mayor & City Council

Waste collection and disposal services

Georgetown is currently separated into 11 groups for waste collection and disposal services. These groups are being serviced by the municipal solid waste management department and 3 solid waste contractors. Each group is also supervised by a waste management officer who ensures that waste collection is effectively and efficiently completed.

Street clean (central business district)

Street cleaning is done daily within the central business district (Stabroek, Robbstown, Lacytown and Bourda) where large influx of people is constantly gathering to transact business and other activities. Street orderlies clean roadways, parapets and drains of litter and illegal dumping to ensure the aesthetics of the environment is maintained.

Cleaning and removal of waste from the Markets

The municipal solid waste management department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining Bourda Market and its contiguous areas. Sanitation workers ensure the market is always clean so that vendors can ply their trade in a conducive environment. The department ensures waste is removed from all of the municipal markets daily.

Skip bin rental

Skip bin rental services are offered by the department so that citizens can dispose of bulky, demolition and any other waste that is generated at their home or business. The price of the bin is $8,000 for 72 hours and the size of the bin is 10×6.

Procedure for skip bin rental

  1. Payment is made at the Treasurer Department (located within the City Hall Compound)
  2. Receipt is taken to the Solid Waste Management Admin section for verification (located at Princess and Ketley Street)
  3. Officer in charge then makes the necessary arrangement to have the rented bin delivered within 24 hours.

Fact: Georgetown (both households and businesses) produces approximately 220 tons of garbage each day which is costing our Municipality approximately $1,000,000 per day to collect!

How Can You Help?

General Information

  • Each household is required to have one 45-gallon receptacle to store their waste (preferably plastic barrel)
  • Every garbage receptacle should have holes at the bottom to drain water and leachate that tends to accumulate in the bin.
  • Every garbage receptacle should have a cover properly placed over the lid.

Waste that are can be placed in garbage receptacle are:

  • Biodegradable waste (particularly food waste)
  • Plastic waste
  • Paper waste

Waste that should not be placed into garbage receptacle are:

  • Demolition waste (concrete, wood, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste (sharp objects, chemicals, old batteries, etc.)
  • Medical waste (expired medication, contaminated items, etc.)
  • Dead animals
  • Feces
  • Sand/ clay

Parapet waste

Residents are advised to have their parapet waste (tree trimmings, grass or any extra waste generated) to be properly bundled or stored into bags and placed next to their garbage receptacle for collection.

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