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The political arm of the City Council is team of elected representatives known as Councillors, headed by His Worship the Mayor of the City of Georgetown. This arm has the responsibilities of making policy decisions and providing directions to the functioning of M&CC in the discharge of their duties and provision of services to the residents of Georgetown.

Yvonne Ferguson
Councillor Alfonso De-Armas-Archbold
Councillor Odayson Ashby
Dexter Forde
Councillor Bisham Bipat
Councillor Jewula Caesar
Councillor . Rudolph Dyal
Councillor Mohamed Isfehani
Councillor Patricia Chase-Green
Councillor Jai Singh
Councillor Steven Jacobs
Councillor Phagoo Singh
Councillor Traves Ellis
Gregory Fraser
Councillor Kesha Sertima
Councillor Troy Garraway
Councillor Jason David
Councillor Kibwe Copeland
Councillor Winston Harding
Councillor Eslyn David
Dion Younge
Clayton Hinds
Jeffon Muhammad
Councillor Aileen Chalmers
Councillor Denise Miller
Councillor Kyle Solomon
Councillor Tahirih Adams
Councillor Lelon Saul
Councillor Robert Maison