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Municipal Tax Amnesty

The Municipal Amnesty Policy was approved to establish and maintain an orderly procedure for ratepayers to receive pardons on a percentage of their tax liability and for the Council to retrieve outstanding taxes in the form of an agreement for the benefit of citizens, organizations and the Council. The COVID 19 pandemic has had a negative economic impact on the citizens of Georgetown. This has unfortunately also affected their ability to perform their lawful and civil responsibility of paying their taxes.

Application forms can be downloaded from

1. Notice to Stallholders

Please be informed that the Solid Waste Management and Public Health Department of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown will be carrying out a sanitization exercise at Bourda Market (enclosed area) on Wednesday 08, December 2021 between 13:00hours to 17:00hours(1pm to 5pm). Therefore, you are to vacate the market by 12noon so as to facilitate this exercise. Further, there shall be no selling during this period.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

CLERK OF MARKETS, Solid Waste Management Director

2. Notice to Stallholders

Please be informed that from the Public Health Department, of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown will be carrying out a sanitization exercise in the Stelling View Mall and Russell Square Area, on Wednesday, December 8th,2021 from 07:00 hours to 13:00 hours (7am to 1pm).
further, there shall be no selling during this period.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Bids: Construction of Admin Building

The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown hereby notifies the general public that the invitation for bids for the Construction of the Administration Building has been extended to July 15, 2021.

All potential bidders are asked to take note that bidding will close at 9:00 hours on Thursday July 15, 2021. However, there will be pre-bid meeting for all bidders on Monday July 12, 2021 at City Hall at 9:00 hours.

Please contact the office of the Town Clerk for further information or call tel. number 226-7717

Weather Warning!

The Mayor & City Council of Georgetown advises the public that heavy rains are expected over the next 24 hours. Residents of Georgetown and low lying areas are asked to take preventive measures. Please be aware that animals are likely to be seen taking refuge in areas. Residents and motorists are advised to be cautious.

The M&CC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. Do make contact with your Councillor and report any flooding in your area.

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Young Professional Artist Award

27th January 2021

His Worship, The Mayor is interested in paving the way for young people to expand on their natural talents and gifts by opening doors for them to have opportunities to do so. With that said, His Worship today granted both 21-years-old, Mr. Ransford Simon and 19-year-old Mr. Bevan Allicock “Young Professional Artist Award”.

Mr. Simon and Mr. Allicock both from Region 9, are being recognized for their outstanding art work displayed at the “Leadership and Professional Ethic Training” provided by Mr. Amarnath Panday from Empowered Guyana Consultancy on the 13th and 14th of January 2021. During the training sessions the young men crafted portrait sketches of three of the participants attending the training, one of which was a sketch of His Worship the Mayor, Ubraj Narine.

His Worship wishes to recognize the two young men for their natural talents in Art. The positive impact and influences that young people can bring to the City of Georgetown shall not go in vain and therefore, His Worship is looking forward to creating more opportunities for young people to be able to expand on their abilities to contribute productively to society.

Sanitisation of Council Facilities


Dates for Sanitizing (spraying) of Councils Facilities

Thursday 14th January 2021
Albouystown and Festival City ClinicFriday

15th January 2021
City Hall Compound

Monday 18th January 2021
Stone Depot Compound
Mechanical WorkshopC
emetery Office and Solid Waste Management

Please note that spraying/ sanitizing will commence at 3pm Spraying/Sanitizing of City Hall Compound starts at 3pm with the City Treasurer’s Department being last to be sprayed.

All for your information and guidance.

Carl Dey
Chief Environmental Health Officer

Household & Parapet Waste


The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown wishes to inform the general public that effective from February 1, 2021, Cevons Waste Management, Star Imports, SANDIP Waste Management Services and Solid Waste Management Department (M&CC) will be removing household and parapet waste in and around the City.


Campbellville Housing Scheme— MONDAYS
Section L-M Campbellville———MONDAYS

Belvoir Court, Prashad NagarBel Air PromenadeNew HavenBel-Air VillageBlezeightNorth SophiaLiliendaalTurkeyenAtlantic VillePattersenUniversity GardensCummings Lodge.(WEDNESDAYS)


GROUP (3) WEDNESDAYS, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT:Bel Air ParkJ-K CampbellvilleNewtown KittyA-D CampbellvilleE-I CampbellvilleLamaha Gardens.

GROUP (4) CEVONS WASTE MANAGEMENT,LodgeLodge Housing SchemeThorne’s DriveCentury Palm GardensMeadow BrookTucville TerraceGuyhoc ParkEasr La Penitence.FRIDAYS (

Group) (5) CEVONS WASTE MANAGEMENT:Festival CityNorth RuimveldtStevedorePostal Housing SchemeSouth Ruimveldt ParkJacksonville, West front Housing SchemeTucville.THURSDAYS

GROUP (6) :South Ruimveldt GardensRosanne Burnham GardensShirley Field Ridley SquareGuyhoc GardensAlexander VillageRiverview RuimveldtLaing AvenuMeadow BankRahaman ParkHoustonMc DoomRomeAgricolaEvans Phillips ParkGROUP (11) MONDAYS , CEVONS WASTE MANAGEMENT:Lamaha SpringsLamaha Park

GROUP (7) WEDNESDAYS -(STAR IMPORTS WASTE MANAGEMENT) West RuimveldtEast RuimveldtMiddle Road La PenitenceJeeboo LandIndependence Boulevard/ West La PenitenceCastello Housing SchemeNorth East La PenitenceEast La Penitence

GROUP (9) FRIDAYS (STAR IMPORTS WASTE MANAGENENT):Werk-en-RustStabroekCharlestownAlbouystownWortmanville

GROUP (10) MONDAYS- SATURDAYS:BourdaRobbstownNewtownNorth CummingsburgSouth CummingsburgWater Front

Group (8)FRIDAYS, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT:AlberttownSouth CummingsburgQueenstownNorth CummingsburgKingston