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The death of a loved one is a difficult and stressful time. We at the M&CC will try to make the process for burial as smooth as possible.

The cemetery section is the end point in “Cradle to Grave” support services provided by the M&CC to the citizens of Georgetown. The cemetery section of the city engineering department is responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery and in the event of a death, we will do the following:

  1. Provide facility for burial at the cemetery located at Le Repentir.
  2. Digging of the grave
  3. Grave allocation: ensuring that the deceased is buried at the designated spot.

The process flow for burial is depicted below:

The payment for the grave spot allocation is done at the treasury. Burial can be undertaken only on production of the receipt to show that payment has been made. The fees for burial can be found in the table below:

Type of Burial/Burial ServiceCost ($)
Build on Top$7,800
Open & Clean$21,450
2yr Child$18,442
Child Burial on Top$4,800
Grave Order and Construction Fee$10,000
Own Tomb Pay Request$5,000
3-Month Old Baby$5,850
Pay Request Burials$24,000
Open & Clean (Staff Price)$7,000

In addition, we also offer a grave identification service where we will help to identify the spot at which a particular person has been buried. This is required when loved ones come to visit the cemetery they can be led the exact spot.

Click the document below for a map of the Cemetery which will aid in the selection of a spot.