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Message from His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine, Mayor of the City of Georgetown on the occasion of Earth Day 2022

I join with the global recognition of Earth Day today and endorse the call to invest in our planet. 

We live on planet earth and are sustained by its environmental services. Unfortunately, destructive exploitation practices have polluted our rivers, damaged our ecosystems, and significantly increased average global temperatures threatening humanity’s existence.

Georgetown, which lies below sea level, is particularly vulnerable to climate change shocks. Our capital city which is of historical, political and economic significance sits on the frontline of our defence and must be protected. 

The Guiana Shield of which Guyana is a part is a major carbon sink, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. We cannot however depend solely on our forests but must also promote sustainable methods of exploitation of resources for the common good of all mankind. 

Our resource wealth can play an important role in creating opportunities for investment in sustainable infrastructure and climate mitigation technology to protect current and future generations from the challenges coastal and low lysing states will face as global sea levels rise. 

Sustainability must be our approach, especially the investment in strategies that limit the negative environmental impacts and promote a good life. 

Let us work together and raise our voices for all our sake.