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IN THE NEWS – Mayor Narine eager for upgrade of ‘outdated’ building codes

“WITH an increasing number of high rise buildings going up around the city, Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, has said that he is eager to see the implementation of new building codes.

During a sit-down interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Mayor Narine also pointed out the numerous fires that have occurred around the city recently and the lack of proper fire prevention measures at many commercial buildings.

For him, these are among the issues that must be addressed when it comes to buildings in the city.

“After having seen the kind of fires we’ve had last year and this year already with fire, it’s not a good sign for us. The current building codes are very outdated and that is something we have to rectify. The current building codes don’t even cater for concrete buildings in the city,” Narine explained.”

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Mayor Narine meets Canadian High Commissioner

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine this morning met with His Excellency Mark Berman High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana. 

His Worship expressed that he was pleased with the continued efforts of the High Commission with the Municipality and highlighted areas of interest that were discussed with the previous High Commissioner.

The Mayor highlighted that the M&CC can benefit from training opportunities for its staff. He stated that capacity building for the Municipality is a key area of interest especially in the context of management and urban planning as the city undergoes its current transformation. 

Mayor Narine stated his interest in restoring the Stabroek Clock and indicated that in his previous discussions the restoration of City Hall was an item on the agenda for assistance however through the European Union and Central Government this has advanced with the signing of an 18-month restoration contract. 

His Worship also indicated his interest in City Twinning in the context of the Oil & Gas Sector which can facilitate the exchange of best practices and shared innovation with Canadian City’s with a similar challenge. 

The Mayor and the High Commissioner expressed their commitment to following up on the issues raised and working together to build the relationship. 


Please be informed that the Public Health Department of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown will be spraying/Sanitizing the Mayor’s Complex and Registry Department as well as its immediate environs TODAY, Friday 14th December 2021 AT 13:00 HRS (1 PM).

Access to the compound will be restricted.

Mayor Narine supports the Orange 3-6-5 event

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine attended the launch of Orange 3-6-5 hosted by Founder and CEO of Eagles Empowered to Soar Ms Sharmin Prince at Cara Lodge last evening.

Mayor Narine joined the conversation advocating for the promotion of equal rights and empowering women through tangible efforts. He stated that his respect for women is supported by his upbringing and religious views. 

He acknowledged that that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of our women and endeavoured to continue to support activities such as these in raising awareness and providing a platform to educate and build positive relationships.

This event followed the 2021 UN 16 Days of Activism – Orange the World under the theme: End violence against women now.

MCC New Year Interfaith Service

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine led the annual interfaith prayer service held at the City Hall compound earlier this morning. 

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore offered brief remarks as well as Chief Councillor Oscar Clarke indicating that the new year brings new opportunities to fulfil the mandate of the M&CC to the people of Georgetown.

Mayor Narine wished the staff and Councillors of City Hall a peaceful and productive year. He indicated that he was looking forward to working with the staff and fellow Councillors as they redouble their efforts to ensure that the service given to the citizens is of their best. 

His Worship thanked Paster Dil Mohamed and Brother Moulana Mansoor Baksh for their participation and blessings. Several Councillors and staff participated in the early morning service. 

Mayor Narine announces a 10 per cent increase in wages and salaries of Municipal workers. 

His Worship Pt. Ubraj Narine yesterday announced a 10 per cent increase in wages and salaries of the workers attached to the Municipality of Georgetown. 

Mayor Narine made this disclosure to the media at his first press briefing for the year. He highlighted that the Council deliberated and approved, with the technical advice of the Treasury and Finance Committee, a proposal for a five per cent retroactive increase from January to December 2021. He also stated that the staff will benefit from an additional five per cent increase from 2022 which accounts for a total of ten per cent increase in wages and salaries for all categories of workers.

His Worship noted that the staff of the Municipality did not receive increases in salaries in 2019 or 2020 and stated that this increase comes at a time when the cost of living continues to rise and market prices for basic food items have sharply increased over the last two years.

The Mayor indicated that he was assured by the Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson that these increases will be applied by the 15th of this month and the spreadsheets are currently being prepared for processing.   

Happy New Year!

Guyanese, we have endured many challenges and continue to persevere. Over the last year, we have worked hard to ensure we provide service to our citizens. 


The COVID 19 pandemic continues to affect us. It has impacted businesses and families. I am disappointed that there is still carelessness in the use of masks and ensuring that we practice social distancing. I encourage you to wear your masks and get vaccinated. Our country is going through massive development, and we need all our citizens to fully participate in the growing economy. 

I salute our healthcare and frontline workers who continue their selfless service despite the challenges.

International Relations 

We continue to build relationships with our international partners and friends to advance collaborations to enhance the City. 

I am also pleased with the contribution of our international partners at the European Union in their efforts to return the iconic City Hall building to its former glory. Guyanese can once again be proud of this historical landmark.

Drainage and Irrigation 

Our Capital City is on the frontline of the climate crisis. Georgetown is below sea level and our drainage system is old and vulnerable. We fight with nature daily as we protect our livelihood. 

The Council appeals to all Guyanese to work with us to keep the city clean. I also make a special appeal to residents and businesses to get their approvals from the City Engineer’s department before construction to ensure buildings and structures follow the regulations and prevent damage to our drainage and sewage systems.

I will continue to work with the city administration to ensure the process for approvals are easier and to work with those that are not compliant to ensure that they are corrected in the shortest possible time.

I also continue to push for a collaborative approach with the central Government and the Municipality to address the maintenance of drains and interagency cooperation, unfortunately, hostile politics challenged us last year. It is my hope that the new year gives us the opportunity to settle rivalries and build bridges for the benefit of our citizens and the survival of our city.

Solid Waste Management 

The Council will continue to provide the collection service that is largely operated by private contractors. I am aware that there are challenges in some areas with consistency which I intend to address very early in the new year. I will meet with the contractors to improve this critical service to residents and businesses.

I continue to be proud to serve you and look forward to a fruitful year together. Happy New Year to all Guyanese.

ADVISORY: Closure of Roads for vending

Croal Street between Water and Cornhill as well as Water Street between Brickdam and America Street are closed to vehicular traffic from today 23rd December to Friday 31st December 2021.

This closure is to facilitate vending during the Christmas season and reduce vehicular congestion. The Council encourages citizens to ensure they wear their masks as they conduct their business.

NOTICE: Applications for tenants of stalls in the Kitty Market

Applications are hereby invited from interested persons who are desirous of becoming Tenants of stalls located in the Kitty Market, North to South Wing.

Applications should be addressed and sent to the Office of the Clerk of Markets, Barr and Alexander Streets, Kitty Market, Georgetown, stating the name, address, contact number of the applicant and the type of business to be undertaken. 

The stall rate is based on $200 dollars per square foot in addition to a 10 % location fee, 10 % garbage and 10 % security premium. Rental ranges from approximately $10,000 to $42,000 per month and is payable in advance by the 30th day of December 2021.