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Mayor’s Office

MCC New Year Interfaith Service

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine led the annual interfaith prayer service held at the City Hall compound earlier this morning. 

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore offered brief remarks as well as Chief Councillor Oscar Clarke indicating that the new year brings new opportunities to fulfil the mandate of the M&CC to the people of Georgetown.

Mayor Narine wished the staff and Councillors of City Hall a peaceful and productive year. He indicated that he was looking forward to working with the staff and fellow Councillors as they redouble their efforts to ensure that the service given to the citizens is of their best. 

His Worship thanked Paster Dil Mohamed and Brother Moulana Mansoor Baksh for their participation and blessings. Several Councillors and staff participated in the early morning service. 

Signing of Licences approving construction on Merriman’s Mall

His Worship Mayor Ubraj Narine and Chairman of the Markets Committee Councillor Heston Bostwick this morning were present as the licences for approval of construction on Merrimans Mall were signed by Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson.

The Mayor and Councillors after careful consideration approved that each stallholder be provided with a template of the physical structure which must conform to the specifications and guidelines provided.

The Merriman’s Mall is a hub for economic activity and the Council continues its efforts to maintain orderly business in a clean environment. Stallholders are expected to maintain the aesthetics of the mall as there conduct their business.

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore leads EU team visit to City Hall renovation site.

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mayor engaged with a delegation from the European External Action Service (EEAS) who toured the renovation works of City Hall. EU Ambassador to Guyana Fernando Ponz Cantó and EU Deputy Managing Director for the Americas, Mr Javier Nino Perez toured the ongoing work and expressed their satisfaction.

Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson and Project Engineer Abdul Kellman also represented the Mayor and City Council.

The restoration of Guyana’s historic City Hall, which was designed by architect, Reverend Ignatius Scoles in 1887, is set to be completed in March 2023. The $780 million project was signed and awarded to Fidis Guyana Incorporated 

Municipal Tax Amnesty

The Municipal Amnesty Policy was approved to establish and maintain an orderly procedure for ratepayers to receive pardons on a percentage of their tax liability and for the Council to retrieve outstanding taxes in the form of an agreement for the benefit of citizens, organizations and the Council. The COVID 19 pandemic has had a negative economic impact on the citizens of Georgetown. This has unfortunately also affected their ability to perform their lawful and civil responsibility of paying their taxes.

Application forms can be downloaded from

GT’s Mayor Welcomes the New M&CC Website

Below is a statement from His Worship the Mayor on the launch of the new M&CC website:

Welcome to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown Website!

It will be our pleasure to serve our Citizens. This website was created to assist you the Citizens and to simplify our services with a modernized approach.

We understand the challenges and struggles you face thus; we are here to attend to your needs and to resolve any issues to the best of our ability.

In a matter of years, I envision the City of Georgetown becoming the fastest developing city in the world, filled with technological enhancements, modern infrastructures, quality Education, better health care systems, and a higher standard of living for All our Citizens.

As leaders, it is time to modernize our Laws and Policies so that we the Guyanese people can also reap the benefits from our economic growth.

In this modern age, it is time to stop living in the past and move towards building better relationships amongst ourselves, the racial and political division must cease in this new era. The municipality’s duty is to our people, this includes serving all Guyanese no matter their ethnicity, culture, gender, status, or political party.

The City of Georgetown cannot run on taxes only, as a result, the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown continue to implement policies and develop private/public partnerships to raise revenue in assistance of running the City. We will continue to act in accordance with our laws and to serve the people to the best of our ability.

We welcome all investors both locally and internationally. We hope this process offers transparency, consistency, and satisfaction to all stakeholders and citizenry.

We look forward to working along with any Government in collaboration of making the City of Georgetown and Guyana grow.

I see a future where Guyanese can live as one people, one nation, and one destiny.

We must live in love, Unity, and Harmony always. 

We are here to serve you!

Thank you for visiting our website.

GT improves ties with Mexico

Georgetown, Guyana – (June 28, 2021)

His Worship Mayor Ubraj Narine, met His Excellency Jose Omar Contreras Ambassador of Mexico to Guyana.

The Mayor and Ambassador Contreras discussed areas of partnership with the City of Georgetown in the areas of improving health care and capitalizing on developments in the oil and gas sector for the city. Ambassador Contreras indicated his interest in twinning the city of Georgetown with a city in Mexico to advance the areas of cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Mayor Narine welcomed the engagement as a positive sign, which will strengthen the relationship between the city of Georgetown and Mexico.

Guyana and Mexico established diplomatic relations on March 1, 1973.

Roadworks in South

On Saturday, January 23, His Worship the Mayor visited Aubrey Barker Road between Fern Drive and Blue Sackie Drive, to inspect ongoing roadworks.

The much-needed road repairs are currently being executed by the Ministry of Public Works due to lobbying of the ministry. Residents are reminded to be careful in their commute as the road works continue.