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Mayor’s Office

The Le Repentir Redevelopment.

The Le Repentir Cemetery has been the final resting place for citizens of Georgetown over the years the massive facility encompasses some 103.508 acres. It was first established in 1861 and is the largest municipal burial site in Guyana. 

The Council created its final draft report of the Le Repentir Cemetery Expansion Master Plan in March 2019 which highlighted the need for a re-envisioned burial site which would be elevated to the status of a national memorial.

As Georgetown continues to develop we must re-examine the Le Repentir with the focus of it not only being a final resting place for our loved ones but also providing additional transportation connection routes through the cemetery. 

In the Council’s plan, enhanced revetment works will prevent the further degradation of the land which has resulted in tombs falling into the canals and others laying precariously. This will also upgrade the drainage infrastructure of the cemetery which will assist in providing relief for the surrounding areas. Space for benches and lighting to allow comfortable viewing and reflection is also allocated to add to the beautification effort. 

The redevelopment of Le Repentir will significantly contribute to the outlook of the city in a demonstration of the dignity with which our departed are treated rather than the current overgrown grounds which are rapidly running out of space. Without immediate intervention, the challenge of space and accessibility will force the suspension of burials at the cemetery.  

As we commemorate the Enmore Martyrs’ who are buried in the Le Repentir and noting the elevation of the burial site of Dr Walter Rodney to the status of a National Monument this is an opportune time to address the challenges of maintenance of the Cemetery.  

The Council remains willing to work with all stakeholders to develop by-laws and policies to promote the maintenance of the scenic beauty of a redeveloped Le Repentir. These policies will include the regularizing of headstones and memorials at grave sites to promote uniformity and maximize the use of space. 

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Prime Minister supports Municipality’s full authority to force contractors to comply with by-laws

City Hall, Georgetown | Prime Minister Brig (r’td) Mark Phillips in his engagement with the Municipality indicated that the City must use whatever authority it has to force contractors and agencies to comply with the city by-laws. 

These remarks were made following the briefing received from His Worship the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore who bemoaned the construction of drains and revetment work without consultation with the City Engineer’s department. 

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore stated that the officers of the Council are placed in a predicament when the Council makes its decisions, but they are called directly by state officials to act counter to those decisions. This is made worse by the Local Government Commission which has failed to act on the decisions of the Council to discipline officers.

Mayor Ubraj Narine highlighted the work on Vlissingen Road next to the Guyana Defence Force Base, an area that has technical challenges due to the pump station being located nearby. He stated that the drains being constructed are narrower than what existed, and no consultation was done with the Council on the construction. 

His Worship also highlighted the work being done on Camp Street in front of GRA which has already shown signs of compromising the surrounding drains.   

The Mayor stated that the Council is not anti-development but promotes collaboration to ensure all stakeholders are involved to avoid unnecessary inconveniences to the citizens of Georgetown. 

It was only recently that the Central Housing and Planning Authority indicated that it depends on the City Engineer’s department to approve plans before making its decisions and encouraged the department to ensure that all plans satisfy the Municipal requirements before forwarding them to the CHPA.

Mayor Narine and Prime Minister to collaborate on Camp Street Avenue 

City Hall, Georgetown | His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine indicated that he welcomes the offer by Prime Minister Brig (r’td) Mark Phillips to have a joint venture on Camp Street from Middle to Lamaha. 

His Worship praised the Prime Minister and stated that this was the relationship that he has advocated for with all Governments. 

The Mayor today updated the Prime Minister on some of the challenges that the Municipality faces with resources. He stated that Government and the Municipality can work together for the benefit of the citizens of Georgetown.

Under the APNUAFC administration, the Government and the City Council collaborated significantly which saw the cleaning of drains and repairs to roads being done in all constituencies of Georgetown. These works coupled with an annual subvention of over 300 million dollars directly impacted the citizens. The Council was able to purchase garbage trucks to assist in garbage collection and other heavy equipment to serve citizens resulting in a cleaner Georgetown. 

The current PPP administration unfortunately has reduced the annual subvention to 30 million dollars which has strangled the Municipality. Additionally, the Local Government Commission continues to move slothfully and stymie the work of the Council.  

Mayor Narine stated that he hoped this demonstration will help to thaw the ice that exists between the Government and the Municipality and promote greater collaboration to truly realize “One Guyana” regardless of political affiliation, race or gender. 

Mayor Narine welcomes meeting with Prime Minister Phillips

City Hall, Georgetown |His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine led a delegation including Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore, Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson, Deputy City Engineer (ag) Kenson Boston and Assistant City Engineer (ag) Kabila Hollingsworth to engage with Prime Minister Brig (r’td) Mark Phillips at the Office of the Prime Minister this morning. 

His Worship indicated that the Municipality Is not without its challenges it continues to work to the best of its ability. The Mayor noted that the engineers of the Council enjoy a good working relationship with their counterparts at NDIA and this relationship is commendable. He stated that this type of relationship should exist between the Municipality and the Central Government but there seems to be a deliberate decision not to engage the Municipality.

Mayor Narine stated that following the meeting with the PM there will be a follow up with the Engineers and the Town Clerk to again stress the need to ensure robust monitoring. His Worship however stated that this issue goes back to the Local Government Commission which has failed to act on the decision of the Council on the matter of the City Engineer. He stated that the Council has its hands tied and is unable to discipline officers for failure to perform their duties due to the imposition of the LGC. The Council continues to challenge this. 

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore stated that a matter of concern from the Council is the apparent external influence of its officers who are sometimes called and given instructions counter to the decisions of the Council and without the knowledge of the Council. This coupled with the Council’s inability to discipline officers has resulted in a precarious situation. 

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine requested that the Prime Minister exercise some influence to rectify this situation whether at the parliamentary level or the Ministerial level. 

Council Approves Fixed Asset Management Policy

The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown approved the Fixed Asset Management Policy at its statutory meeting.

This policy which is the first of its kind seeks to codify the management of all assets of the Council including the maintenance of its register which must reflect acquisitions and deletions. 

These assets were highlighted in the Burrows report (2008) needed for a fixed asset register given the large number of items owned by the Council which are spread over the geographic area that comes under the supervision and responsibility of the Council. 

The policy identifies the City Treasurer and the role of marking items of the Council as well as procedures for updating the register.  

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine noted that the current Council inherited a number of matters which were not adequately addressed in the past but continues in its efforts to provide accountability to citizens despite limited resources. He expressed satisfaction with the policy. 

Mayor visits ongoing work at City Abattoir 

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine this morning visited the ongoing works at the abattoir.

The City Engineer’s department is currently recasting the floor. The Council continues in its efforts to provide a facility that is safe and efficient. When operational it is expected to maintain the quality of meat supplied to the citizens. Assistant City Engineer Kabila Hollingsworth guided the Mayor through the ongoing work. 

His Worship expressed satisfaction with the work being done but was disappointed that these critical needs of the city are hampered by the lack of financial resources. He encouraged taxpayers to pay their taxes as they contribute to the development of the city.  

Mayor Narine joins Guyana Trades Union Congress wreath-laying ceremony

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine this afternoon attended the Guyana Trades Union Congress wreath-laying ceremony at the Parliament Buildings forecourt.

This year the trade union highlighted the challenges of the pandemic and the political environment on the working class. The Mayor interacted with several members of parliament and union leaders who were present.

The wreath-laying ceremony honours the pioneering Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, the father of Trade Unionism in Guyana.   

Mayor and Councillors attend funeral service for Kadim ‘Kads’ Khan.

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine earlier today attended the funeral service for Kadmin ‘Kads’ Khan. 

Also in attendance were Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentor, Chief Councillor Oscar Clarke and Councillor Shonelle Smith Daniels. 

His Worship paid his respects to the family of Mr Khan who is hailed as an astute businessman and servant of the people.  

Georgetown Mayor attends International Energy Conference and Expo 2023 Launch

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine this evening attended the reception to launch the International Energy Conference and Expo 2023 held at the Georgetown Mariott. 

The Conference aims to connect professionals in the energy sector in Guyana to contribute to the advancement of the Oil and Gas economy. The annual event has seen significant interest as Guyana contends to be a global energy player.  

Also in attendance were Prime Minister Brig (retd) Mark Philips, Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat and other Government Ministers as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps.