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Town Clerk

Mayor Narine welcomes meeting with Prime Minister Phillips

City Hall, Georgetown |His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine led a delegation including Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore, Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson, Deputy City Engineer (ag) Kenson Boston and Assistant City Engineer (ag) Kabila Hollingsworth to engage with Prime Minister Brig (r’td) Mark Phillips at the Office of the Prime Minister this morning. 

His Worship indicated that the Municipality Is not without its challenges it continues to work to the best of its ability. The Mayor noted that the engineers of the Council enjoy a good working relationship with their counterparts at NDIA and this relationship is commendable. He stated that this type of relationship should exist between the Municipality and the Central Government but there seems to be a deliberate decision not to engage the Municipality.

Mayor Narine stated that following the meeting with the PM there will be a follow up with the Engineers and the Town Clerk to again stress the need to ensure robust monitoring. His Worship however stated that this issue goes back to the Local Government Commission which has failed to act on the decision of the Council on the matter of the City Engineer. He stated that the Council has its hands tied and is unable to discipline officers for failure to perform their duties due to the imposition of the LGC. The Council continues to challenge this. 

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore stated that a matter of concern from the Council is the apparent external influence of its officers who are sometimes called and given instructions counter to the decisions of the Council and without the knowledge of the Council. This coupled with the Council’s inability to discipline officers has resulted in a precarious situation. 

His Worship Pt Ubraj Narine requested that the Prime Minister exercise some influence to rectify this situation whether at the parliamentary level or the Ministerial level. 

Town Clerk visits works at Municipal Abattoir

Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson yesterday visited ongoing works at the Municipal Abattoir. The Town Clerk was appraised of the ongoing work on the floor of the facility by Assistance City Engineer Kabila Hollingsworth. 


Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson, Senior Officers of MCC, Guyana Police Force and Fire Service scope out Stabroek Market ahead of clean up

Town Clerk (ag) Candace Nelson along with senior officers of the MCC Administration as well as the Guyana Police Force and the Fire Service engaged vendors and walked through the Stabroek market area this afternoon.

The walkabout was executed in advance of the cleanup and sanitization exercise scheduled to be held on Wednesday 20th April 2022. 

The Council continues to clean markets and sensitize vendors on their responsibility to ensure their surroundings are cleaned before and after business. 

Town Clerk ag Candace Nelson visits Bourda Market on security issues

Town Clerk ag Candace Nelson on Friday April 8, 2022 visited Bourda Market following reports of break-ins at stalls. 

The Town Clerk ag along with Clerk of the Markets Sherlock Lovell, Chief Constable Virjanand Gafur and officers of the Municipality engaged with stallholders on the security of the market. 

Ms Nelson indicated that the Council has entered into an agreement with the Guyana Police Force to support its enforcement initiatives in the Markets and key areas of the City. She expressed that this was done to address issues such as these to ensure that vendors and citizens feel safe as they conduct business.

Additionally, Ms Nelson spoke with the vendors reminding them of the need to ensure the area is kept tidy and adherence to the space agreement to avoid challenges of enforcement and disruption in the market. 

The Town Clerk assured the vendors that the incident is of priority and through the Chief Constable and officers of the Council relevant interventions will be made.   

Town Clerk ag Candace Nelson and Councillor Heston Bostwick visit Albouystown

Town Clerk ag Candace Nelson and Councillor Heston Bostwick this morning visited Albouystown where work is currently being done by the City Engineer’s department to fix a number of open manholes.

The Town Clerk also engaged with residents of the community and listened to their concerns. She committed to having them addressed in the shortest possible time. Assistant City Engineer ag Kabilah Hollingsworth as well as staff of the Town Clerk’s department were present during the exercise.

Closure of Bourda Market on 2022.03.23

The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown will be conducting a sanitization and cleaning exercise at the Bourda Market and its environs on Wednesday 23rd, March, 2022 from 7 am (07:00 hours).

The market and vending areas will be closed however you are invited to participate in this exercise.

Vendors and Stallholders will not be permitted to open, use or occupy your stalls, stands etc, on this day in order to facilitate this clean-up.

Statutory Meeting TODAY

Please be advised that The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown will conduct their statutory meeting on

Monday 14 th March, 2022 at 14:00 hours in the upper flat of the Kitty Market.

Please expect traffic delays in this area during this period.

Acting Town Clerk visits West Ruimveldt

Acting Town Clerk Vanessa Simon-Brown engaged with residents of Cresent Street, West Ruimveldt following complaints of illegal dumping. The Acting Town Clerk indicated that citizens should remain vigilant and report littering.

Citizens can report littering at the nearest police station or contact the MCC via WhatsApp on 620 6222.